Therefore, it is harvested in a fresher, more original state than other glacier waters which are collected where the water has settled into lakes, inlets, springs or aquifers, often with no single glacier identified.

Tahoma® is a newcomer to a crowded marketplace in a world hungry for originality, and thirsty for honesty and real value. A world that is perhaps a bit wiser, made ever more cautious of those things which are not authentic. A world which seeks healthy choices more than ever before. Tahoma represents the very best of those choices – real, 10,000-year-old melted glacial ice from Mount Rainier, in a bottle.
Tahoma® is real glacier water from Mount Rainier – the only true glacier-specific water bottled in the contiguous United States. Kept frozen through time, this ancient ‘virgin’ water has never entered the water table and predates any modern or man-made form of pollution. Its own unique combination of naturally occurring trace minerals are held in colloidal suspension. The water itself is extremely low in total dissolved solids and possesses a high oxygen content. It is amongst the rarest, healthiest, most naturally pure and freshest tasting waters anywhere in the world.

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The term “glacier water” is defined as a source of water that is fed by the natural melting of glaciers. Glacier water is usually more pristine and contains far fewer dissolved solids than regular spring or artesian water. Glacier water is generally considered among the most premium types of water. But few places on earth offer viable access to harvest this type of water for bottling. Because of most glaciers' remote locations, the ability to harvest glacier water is quite restricted. Areas such as the north & south poles or high altitude mountain ranges make most glacial sources impossible or too costly to harvest. This results in very few authentic bottled glacier waters available.

Tahoma® stands alone, even among glacier waters. As one of the most famous peaks in America, Mount Rainier stands as a monument of the Pacific Northwest. But few people know that it holds the source of the most pristine, healthiest and best tasting drinking waters in the world. The massive Carbon Glacier is secluded within Mount Rainier National Park on the mountain's isolated north face where
no man-made pollution or development has ever existed. It is our exclusive source of this water.

​The glacial melt-water emerging from the Carbon Glacier’s terminus is ancient – frozen during the last glacial period around ten thousand years ago. Drawn within the National Park boundary, about seven miles downstream from the glacier’s terminus, the water is constantly running – its original colloidal suspension never given a chance to settle.